Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teenage substance misuse

Last week the NHS's National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse released figures showing how many teenagers are being treated for drug and alcohol problems in England.

The number of children seeking treatment for heroin and crack has fallen in the past few years, from a figure of 1,081 teenagers in 2005/06 (6% of the total being treated) to 657 last year (2%), treatment for cannabis misuse has remained steady; at 55% in 2005/06 and 53% now, it is the most common primary drug, a great worry .

Treatment for alcohol addiction has risen almost 100% , from 4,886 in 2005/06 (30% of the total) to 8,779 now (37%).

Use of harder drugs is low among under-12s; less than five pre-teens were treated for heroin or cocaine misuse and none were treated for problems relating to amphetamines, crack or ecstasy.

Cannabis and alcohol are by far the most common primary drugs for the teenage group

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