Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home care jobs are to go at Swindon Borough Council

So its true ! front line services are to be cut by Swindon Borough Council , its to shed 64 home care jobs.

The truly frightening thing is their logic for doing so , they says it is closing the department, which offers support to vulnerable people in their own homes, as it can be provided cheaper by private companies.

How long before the same logic is applied to carer support services I wonder ?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

County wide based carer support and young carers

Further to my rant on the above subject yesterday , I know wonder if young carers will be included in the new carers organisation for most of Wiltshire ?

After all for many a year I have attended meetings at which the subject of transfer for child carers to adult carers support has been the topic of debate , almost all people agree this has been a grey area , how we have a change to build in a robust link between both vital services .

Monday, January 24, 2011

County wide based carer support

One of the fundamental problems for carers I have found is the confusion caused when caring commitments cross pre-determined Local authority funding boundaries and Carer Support Groups boundaries , this does , without any doubt cause extra stress for the carer .

Some time ago I was in the situation of dealing with 2 elderly family members, both living in the same county but in the geographical area of two Carer Support Orgs , I have to say that it was chaotic in the extreme , many phone calls and letters having to be duplicated .

We now have in Wiltshire , with the bringing together of four of the five carer support organisations some progress in service delivery to carers , what a shame that Swindon Borough and Wiltshire Council could not set up a joint budget to enable a truly single Wiltshire Carers Organisation

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fraud in the NHS

The following article came from the BBC news page

NHS fraud cases 'rise by 37% in the last three years'

The number of fraud cases investigated in the NHS has risen by 37% in the last three years, official figures show.

NHS Counter Fraud Service figures showed the number of cases of potential fraud detected and investigated rose from 351 in 2007/8 to 415 in 2008/9 and 482 in 2009/10.

A service spokeswoman said there was improved awareness of fraud in the NHS and how to report it.

Problems include unpaid prescriptions and staff claims for unworked shifts.

According to the figures, the value of fraud and unlawful action identified was £4.1m in 2007/8, £16.2 in 2008/9 and £10.9 in 2009/10.

The organisation said recurrent kinds of fraud related to staff and professionals claiming money for shifts not worked, which is known as "timesheet fraud", and employees working in unauthorised jobs while on sick leave.

Other categories included patients who might try to avoid paying prescriptions by falsely claiming exemptions or using aliases to obtain drugs, and contractors or suppliers attempting to exaggerate records of NHS work.

The spokeswoman said: "There are a number of possible explanations for the rise in fraud cases over the last three years. One of these is that fraud has indeed risen.
"There is also a greater awareness of fraud in the NHS and how to report it and the NHS Counter Fraud Service has become increasingly effective at detecting and investigating reported cases."

Head of operations Allan Carter told the Times newspaper that "in times of recession people will look to maximise their opportunities".

He said more than £65m had been recovered to date.

From April, the NHS Counter Fraud Service's anti-fraud functions which cannot be undertaken locally will be carried out by NHS Protect.

It is understood that the new body is likely to provide guidance and assistance to local NHS bodies.

Now time and time again we have heard of the waste due to fraud in the NHS indeed when the Old NHS bank was closed down Fraud was to be a major subject for improvement yet its clear that things have only got worse !

Will NHS Protect do any better ? I fear not