Monday, October 31, 2011

NHS Commissioning Board due to start work

The new NHS Commissioning Board, which is at the heart of the government's controversial NHS reforms in England, is due to start work , its aim is help patients shop around and compare GPs.

It will take over the running of the NHS, using a staff of around 3,500 and overall responsibility for NHS care worth around £80bn.

Its role will in time be overseeing the new clinical commissioning groups led by GPs and other clinicians who will commission/buy care within the NHS, and organising the treatment of complicated conditions.

Scope launches £20m bond to expand fundraising and retailing

Scope launches £20m bond to expand fundraising and retailing

Friday, October 28, 2011

BBC NEWS -Bristol father's threat over disabled care centre closures

Bristol father's threat over disabled care centre closures

A Bristol man has said he would consider leaving his disabled son at the city council's headquarters if his day care centre is closed.

Ivor Needs said he would leave Matthew, 36, who has severe brain damage, with the receptionist if the council was unable to provide alternative care.

His son spends five days a week in the care of St George Field View.

A Bristol City Council spokesman said Mr Needs's son would continue to get the best care possible.

St George Field View is one of seven day care centres currently under review by the Liberal Democrat-led authority.

Mr Needs said he had written to the council stating that they should not shut the day centres as they are a "lifeline for all vulnerable people".

"[Mathew] needs his five days at the day centre and if they close it what is going to happen to him?" he said.

"I will bring him down here at 09:00 BST, leave him with the receptionist and say 'he's your responsibility, I will be back at 16:00 BST' - and I would."

Council cabinet member for health services, Dr Jon Rogers, said that it was vital Mr Needs's son received the right care and offered "absolutely categorical assurances" it would continue.

"What I cannot do is guarantee that Matthew's day service needs will continue to be met in exactly the same way that they have been for the last 12 years," he added.

"Care services in Bristol [and the rest of the country] are changing."

Mr Needs described the care of his son as a "full-time job" and questioned why council cuts had to be made to services that affected vulnerable people.

"He has got to be dressed because he can't dress himself, he can't do up his shoelaces, he can't see to his toilet requirements - I've got to see to all of that," he said.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carers allowance

A local carers support org looking for a Service Development Manager 30 Hours p/w 27k-30k pro rata -carers allowance £ £55.55 pw says it all :(

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Help find Missing Children and Adults Worldwide

Please please look at the great web site . a wonderful group/network of users aiming to help find Missing Children and Adults Worldwide