Monday, December 7, 2009

NHS IT scheme- or how to burn money !

The following clip is from the BBC web site

'The government will cancel some parts of its NHS IT scheme and allow trusts to develop their own systems in moves saving £600m, Andy Burnham told MPs.

The health secretary said the £12bn scheme - criticised over delays and costs - would be scaled back with more "options for savings" being looked at.

But it was a "myth" to say the whole project had been "a waste", he said.'

This FLAGSHIP project has been a tale of one disaster after another I suspect the overspend is just beyond belief and the whole concept was , in my humble view flawed from the beginning .

We need to have firm control of all spending re health and social care , we really cant afford to waste money like this .

One a happy note at least the NHS IT scheme WILL SIT IN MANY A OFFICE CORNER GLOWING NICELY !

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