Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Care Quality Commission and Wiltshire Council

"The Care Quality Commission (CQC), in the annual performance assessment published today, found the council in 2008/09 was performing well overall. The new rating system grades councils as performing poorly, adequately, well or excellently.

The assessors felt council leaders and senior managers had a clear vision about how services should be provided and these future plans were based on extensive consultation with local people.

There was particular praise for the way the council was working hard to develop community and volunteer-based services and worked closely with local people. They found strong evidence the council listened to people and involved them in the development of services "

The above was taken from a local newspaper in Salisbury and is it has to be said good news for all the Service users in Wiltshire , however what is really needed now is a long term commitment from Wiltshire Council NOT TO CUT any funding to the voluntary sector dealing with social care for the next 6 years .

This would enable the third sector organisation to plan long term .

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