Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Social Care Bill

Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary has said that millions of pounds would be ?reprioritised? from health research and development to pay the costs of the Social Care Bill, published today.
Money will be diverted from public health campaigns such as swine flu, sexually transmitted diseases and obesity.
The Bill,which is a key plank of Gordon Brown?s pre-election legislative agenda, has been condemned by Labour peers, scientists and health campaigners.
It would guarantee free care at home or other support for up to 400,000 elderly and disabled people from next October, at a cost of £670 million a year.Mr Burnham, disclosing for the first time how he planned to pay for the proposal, said that £60 million would be diverted from the health service?s research and development (R&D) budget and £50 million from public health promotions. Cutting spending on management consultants in the NHS would provide £60 million.

Well its a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul
Mike Bradbury

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