Monday, November 9, 2009

Local Government Association

An interesting article -

David Rogers, spokesman on social care for the Local Government Association, urged ministers to carry out an immediate review.

Caring He said: "The Government has pledged to end carer poverty by 2018, but that is too late.

"Ministers need to get their skates on now to help Britain's carers.

"Many find themselves having to give up work and ultimately their pension rights to help somebody in need. Others try to juggle their jobs with their care responsibilities. So why does the current benefits system fail the very people saving the country billions of pounds a year?"

Mr Rogers added: "Ensuring that carers are financially secure is crucial and every one of them deserves an income that reflects the valuable contribution they provide. No carer should find themselves struggling alone, particularly as a large number of them are older people."

All this while the NHS/PCT,s are with holding money earmarked for carers !

Maybe it's time to square the circle ?
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